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How you can help us

The basic ways you can help Samye Foundation & Kagyu Samye Dzong Cardiff

There are three ways that you can help us achieve our goals:

  1. Money
  2. Materials
  3. Manpower

The sections below describe break these down in detail so you can identify the best way or ways that you can support us.

1) Membership, Booking Courses and donations

We would like to raise the funds for this work as soon as possible. We are therefore asking you to consider becoming a member of our centre, making a donation, or booking a course.

If you are already thinking of doing one of our courses this year it would really help us if you could book and pay for it now. If just 28 people booked at our normal course price of £180 that would cover our cost estimate of £5,000.00 to convert one of the flats.

You could also become a member of our centre by donating through our website via Charity Checkout or Local Giving  you can get details of membership at

Local Giving will match the first £200 of donations we receive but time is running out on that offer so we want to get enough donations in to secure that funding, which could either be in the form of a one off donation or a monthly payment toward a membership.

Even a donation of £2/month – less than the price of a cup of coffee in most places – would make a big difference to us.

A Sponsored Run/Walk/Silent Day

Through Local Giving you can setup a fundraising event that links directly to Samye Foundation. It’s easy to do and we can help publicise whatever event you choose to do so you can raise the maximum funds. We just can’t help you run it (though if possible we’ll come along and try and pass you water bottles or cheer you on). You would have our eternal (or at least very long term if we’re being pedantic) thanks for doing an event like this and they can be an excellent way to raise funds for a charity.

Give yourself a goal to get fitter, something to motivate you and feel great for having helped out. If that doesn’t motivate you, try an event that’s not so strenuous – it’s not all about exercise!

2) Donating Materials

We need all sorts of building materials to complete the project in No. 248.

  • 4 toilets
  • 1 Butler/Belfast sink for kitchen
  • 3 basins for flats
  • Tiles for toilets and wet rooms
  • Mirrors
  • Kitchen units
  • Hob, oven and extractor fan
  • Paint
  • A new stepladder (Jon is worried the old one will collapse under him)
  • Plumbing
  • Furniture
  • Curtains/Blinds
  • Carpet & rugs
  • Laminate flooring

If you have materials that you'd like to donate please email with details. As a rule we love donations of useful things but in this case in particular, we really want to know that something is needed before someone brings it to site!

3) Volunteer to help with the work!

Lastly, we need volunteers to help do the work. There’s lots of ways you could help us with this building project:

  • Stripping wallpaper and sanding down skirting boards
  • Cleaning the new building top to bottom
  • Weeding the garden
  • Helping with the planters
  • Helping get everything ready for the contractors so we can maximise the use of their expertise

It doesn’t stop there, as always we need your help to spread the word about Samye Foundation and Kagyu Samye Dzong. Tell your friends, family and co-workers about us. Follow us on whichever social media you use, we have accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Linkedin. Share and ‘like’ our posts, mention us on social media. Give our details to your corporate wellbeing team at work. Collect some posters and distribute them for us.

If you can’t donate your money, the spare toilet you have for reasons unknown or half a day of DIY in the building or garden, you can still help. Every time you engage with us on social media, it makes Samye Foundation Wales a little more prominent, a little more widely known. Your recommendation is the best kind of social proof we can have that the work we do is valuable, appreciated and worthwhile. You don’t have to obsessively like everything we do to help out.

Did you know you can even help us when you’re shopping on Amazon? You just have to go to our Recommended Reading page, click on one of the books we link there to go to Amazon and then whatever you purchase that day, we get a small fee. It doesn’t cost you anything but a couple of seconds to visit us first.

No. 248 Cowbridge Road East
No. 248 Cowbridge Road East

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