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Plans for the future

Future Plans

The work doesn’t stop with the internal work on No. 248. We have a whole host of work that we'd like to do in the short and long term.

Rear Garden

  • Designs are being drawn up for our rear garden and the frontage
  • The garden will be in sections with different themes
  • We need to repair and improve the walls
  • Paving needs to be replaced or re-laid where necessary
  • Flowerbeds must be created
  • Planters must be made and added
  • Furniture must be refurbished or replaced where necessary
  • More seating may be added
  • We will include plants to encourage pollinators (bees and insects)
  • We will have kitchen garden plants

Car Park, Planters and Cafe Seating

  • The front wall will be upgraded with iron railings, tipped with gold
  • Lighting will be added to the pillars at the ends of the wall
  • We will have a sign on the rails for Samye Foundation
  • We will have a noticeboard to publicise our work and events and events in the local community
  • We want to secure the car park with an electric gate and security system
  • We want to improve the bicycle racks to encourage people to cycle to the centre
  • We will have the cafe seating area in front of the tea room
  • Planters will be added by the front wall and in front of each of the buildings
  • The wall on the left of the property needs to repaired


  • We are looking into the cost of getting solar panels
  • Along with solar panels we would also aim to have battery storage
  • We want to take soundproofing measures such as reviewing glazing and internal doors
  • Some rooms need redecoration
  • The old tearoom will be re-purposed as a therapy room


That’s all folks. How will YOU help your centre thrive this year?

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