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Where are we now?

This photo was taken by Shawn Eastman on April 26th 2017

Where are we now?

We have been making great strides with our Mindfulness and Wellbeing Centre in Cardiff since getting our first property in 2015 :

  • Stage 1 No. 250 Cowbridge Road East opened by Lama Yeshe 24th June 2015
  • Stage 2 No. 252 Opened by Lama Yeshe 24th November 2016
  • Stage 3 No. 248 Purchase completed 19th May 2017

There are now twenty four therapists working from our centres in Cardiff and Caerphilly. We have counsellors, psychotherapists, yoga & Qi Gong teachers, counsellors and massage therapists in addition to our own Mindfulness courses.

Thanks to the support of our amazing volunteers, the therapists and the local community, we have had a lot of activity in our centre this year including:

  • Guest speakers including Alistair Appleton & Ken Holmes
  • 7 Points of Mind Training from Gelong Thubten
  • Ruby Wax visited Samye Foundation in March while on her Frazzled tour
  • An open day in March, a Pamper Evening and another open day at the end of May
  • A regular poetry group meets here and we have started a book discussion group who are following Steven Levine’s ‘A Year to Live’ book
  • We’ve also had a lot of people visiting for the art exhibition of work by Anna Polya
  • Regular Mindfulness & Compassion workshops & courses throughout the year

In November, Lama Yeshe officially opened our new building next door (No. 252) and all but one of the rooms are now rented. We have FGM Accountants, a therapist (Lynn Boudreau) and three pairs of artists using rooms as studios. With only one more room to rent, the building is close to being self-financing.

Purchase of No. 248 Complete

We’re pleased to announce that we have completed the purchase of number 248 Cowbridge Road East. This means that between Samye Foundation Wales and Kagyu Samye Dzong Cardiff, we now own all three buildings. As planned, this secures our site and enables us to work toward our vision for the future.

While No. 252 is being used as office and studio space, the new building will have a different focus. On the ground floor we will have a Tibetan style tea room with a full, as well as toilet facilities.

The Tibetan tea room will be a unique feature for our centre and will be run by volunteers. Lorraine had a recent trip to India and Nepal and brought back a lot of spectacular artwork and items to furnish the tea room and some of this will be available for purchase.

Because our mission includes the promotion of wellbeing, we feel it is important that the tea room and the centre in general strive to be environmentally friendly and Fair Trade.

Outside the tea room, we will have a café seating area, bounded by planters stocked with beautiful plants. Similar planters will be placed in spots in front of each building and behind the front wall to the car park. We want to make the centre a peaceful oasis for the local community. We’ll encourage local groups to use the space as a relaxed place to meet and we’ll also be holding our own events such as:

  • Tibetan food evenings
  • Singing/musical evenings
  • Cookery demos
  • Book discussion nights

The ground floor will also have a new quiet room which will house our collection of books that centre members can borrow. With comfortable chairs for people to read and a shop selling a wide variety of Nepalese, Tibetan, Dharma items and Mindfulness books.

The last room at the rear of No. 248 will be an office for which we have already lined up two of our existing therapists as tenants.

The first and second floors are going to be turned into three flats which will be available for rental at attractive rates for people who are willing to volunteer a few hours a week to help out at our centre. If you are interested in finding out more about the flats as a tenant please email

What will the costs of the project be?

Ground Floor toilet - this would mean building the space for the toilet, labour, stud wall to be put in, appropriate fire doors, tiling, flooring, and toilet and wash-hand basins £2,000.00
Covert back room first floor to a one bedroomed flat with kitchen, lounge area and bedroom & install a shower room & fittings. The idea is that a portion of our mortgage will be paid by the rental of the flat £5,000.00
Teacher’s room flat refurbishment. Install a stud wall, fit small kitchen, fir small shower. When visiting teachers such as Lama Yeshe Rinpoche, Gelong Thubten, Ken Holmes and others visit Cardiff to teach there will be a room for them to stay. £5,000.00
Covert front room first floor to a one bedroomed flat with kitchen, lounge area and bedroom & install a shower room & fittings. The idea is that a portion of our mortgage will be paid by the rental of the flat £5,000.00
Lounge/Kitchen for everyone to use on the ground floor leading on to the Tibetan Tea room. Fit a new kitchen, wooden floors and general refurbishments. We need a washing machine. Stove. Dishwasher £8,000.00
Convert front room into a Tibetan Tea Room. We will need volunteers to strip wallpaper from rooms, sand & then paint. Also install a serving hatch £1,000.00
Tuscan garden layout to side entrance, plants, general clean up. People are needed to whitewash the outside walls. Large Terracotta pots are needed £500.00
Reception area/shop: furniture & fittings £1,000.00
Therapy room on ground floor at back of building £500.00
70 packs of laminate flooring are required floors for ground floor tea room, kitchen, reading room and shop £1,500.00


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