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Updates to our Newsletter


We have made some changes to our newsletter system. This allows us to give you options about the content of emails that you'd like to receive. 

You simply need to tell us the types of emails that you want to receive and you can update your preferences any time. You can go to here to change your options.

By default, everyone on the list is currently flagged for Courses and Events. After a suitable period, we will stop sending the Thought for the Day emails to people who have not opted in. This enables people to receive less email if they're not interested in a particular topic and allow us to focus our efforts communicating important information to people who want to receive it.

You can manage all this yourself through our Newsletter Signup page but if you encounter any problems, as always, please contact us at 

Your choices are:

Courses & Events

This is the option to use if you'd like to get updates to inform you about the start dates of new courses, special events such as talks by Gelong Thubten, Ken Holmes or Alistair Appleton or our Open Days. 


If you would like to volunteer, either on a regular basis or if you're able to help out at some of our events such as Open Days, gardening or with DIY in the new building, tick this option.

Thought for the Day

We aim to send out an inspirational Thought for the Day, each weekday. If you would like to receive these, please use the relevant tick box.


Important - Please note

In order to improve our customer experience we have enhanced our email options to enable people to opt in to specific types of emails. 

  • If you no longer wish to receive Thought for the Day emails you do not need to take any action
  • If you wish to continue receiving Thought for the Day emails you MUST opt in to them
  • You can opt in at

Please note that to avoid disruption for those who enjoy the Thought for the Day emails we will continue to send them as normal until the end of June, at which point they will only be sent to those people who have opted in. You may opt in and out as you see fit.

By default, everyone is already on the Courses & Events list but you need to opt in through the form if you wish to be on the Volunteer or Thought for the Day lists in the future. 

Please contact if you have any questions. It would help us if you try the sign in form first but we can make changes manually if absolutely necessary.


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