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Mindfulness Could Be Preparing To Surf A Huge Wave

Mindfulness meditation has done a decent enough job of grabbing some mainstream attention over the last few years. The cross from East to West is largely attributed to the work of Jon Kabat-Zinn, along with a curiosity in the practice from those in the Hollywood Hills. Aside from this, I also believe the technological advancements that allow us to explore new cities, countries and continents has also opened the doors to the mass. Never before have we been provided with such incredible opportunities. A flight to the other side of the world is common practice today and something this generation is really embracing. It introduces us to new cultures, practices and various ways of life.

Over the past 20 years or so, physical wellbeing has really come to the fore. Exercise and nutrition has always been around of course, but not like it is today. Nowadays you will find an ever increasing list of affordable fitness gyms to join, all full with a variety of different people.

Many will even operate around the clock and run a whole host of different activities within a timetable. But what about our mental wellbeing?

My belief is that over the next few years mindfulness and meditation will really begin to emerge all around us on an even bigger scale. It's clear we're spending more and more amounts of time engaging our brain throughout the day, and mindfulness could be the counterculture that helps trigger dramatic cultural changes across our society to help us apply ourselves better to our routine. I'm excited about this possibility and to witness the improvements it could make on the people around me.

Most of us live an exhausting lifestyle, constantly dialling in to our productivity through long working hours and dealing with demands put on our personal lives. Eventually this has to effect our levels of efficiency. There is no sense of slowing down in the modern world and with time as an asset, making key use of every second seems to be proving a key requirement.

I think a big part of that will be demonstrated by the way in which the world will use mindfulness on a much bigger scale.

It's just my two cents-worth, but I strongly believe that mindfulness is a practice that will be massively utilised and now is the perfect time for somebody with an interest in the practice to jump onboard and get a little taste of what the fuss that's being built is really all about.

by Shawn Eastman


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