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A Search for Meaning

Portrait of Elena Piras in Red & White Pastel on Paper by Anna Polya
Portrait of Elena Piras in Red & White Pastel on Paper by Anna Polya

A Search for Meaning - an art project based on the Mindfulness and Wellbeing Centre.

           This project arose from curiosity - my curiosity about why people come to the Centre to meditate - what does the Centre mean to them? I have been associated with Samye Foundation Wales in its various forms since 2002, and I know what it means to me, but I wondered how others experienced it, whether their experience is similar or different to mine. Over the years many people have come and gone, some have stayed, some have volunteered, offering their time, energy and skills with great generosity. All have been made welcome.

       So I invited the volunteers if they would like to participate in the project. Fifteen responded, and kindly offered me their time to sit for a portrait. I also asked them to give me a sentence or two, or even just a word, about what the Centre means to them. The project will culminate in an exhibition, which will take place at Llanover Hall, a local arts centre, in June-July. The work is currently in progress, when nearing completion I am planning to invite the participants to come together for a discussion and to record this on audio, and to make this available as part of the exhibition. Following the exhibition, the work will be available in digital form on the Samye Foundation website.

        For me the project so far has been fascinating, humbling and uplifting. People have shared their time and their stories so generously, I feel honoured to have had this precious opportunity.

Article by Anna Polya. 

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