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Lama Yeshe Rinpoche Visit July 12th & 13th 2018

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Lama Yeshe Rinpoche Visiting Cardiff Thur 12th - 14th July

Lama Yeshe Rinpoche, Lama Zangmo, Ani Lhamo and Gelong Thubten will be visiting our centre on 12th & 13th of July 2018.

We are so fortunate to have them all stay with us. Lama Rinpoche will give some private interviews on Friday 13th and at 7pm will also be giving a public talk titled The Essence of Mind. 

On Thurs 12th, we have the privilege of Lama Zangmo giving us Medicine Buddha Instructions followed by the Medicine Buddha Puja.

On Saturday 14th, members of the Samye Ling Sangha will join us for Green Tara practice in the morning, and Ani Lhamo will give a talk on Lineage and the teacher-student relationship in Tibetan Buddhism. 

The Essence of Mind - A Public talk by Lama Yeshe Fri 13th 7-8pm

A practitioner’s view of how to understand the essence of mind as pure emptiness.

This is a rare opportunity to hear teachings from a Buddhist Master who has spent more than 12 years in solitary retreat, as well as having accomplished three sets of the rare and advanced 49 days ‘dark retreat’.

Lama Yeshe Rinpoche is known as one of the world’s greatest meditators, yet his practical, down to earth style makes his teachings very direct and accessible for Westerners with busy lives. You can read more of his biography here:

Suggested Donation: £20

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Red ribbon cut Lama Yeshe & Gelong Thubten Sept 2017

Interviews with Lama Yeshe

Interviews will be available on Fri 13th July with Lama Yeshe in the morning and afternoon. Each interview will be 5 minutes long and white envelopes will be available for donations​ to Samye Ling​.


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The Essence of Mind a Public talk by Lama Yeshe

Medicine Buddha with Lama Zangmo

Lineage and the teacher-student relationship in Tibetan Buddhism with Ani Lhamo

Medicine Buddha Instructions - With Lama Zangmo, Director, KSD London - Thur 12th 7pm-8.30pm

The practice of Medicine Buddha is a profound method to engender health and well-being of oneself and others.
The Medicine Buddha Sadhana is a way to balance the physical, mental and spiritual health of ourselves and others. It can be of great help to all practitioners and particularly those in the medical profession.

The main motivation of the Medicine Buddha was to remove the sufferings of beings in general, and especially the physical and mental suffering caused through imbalance of the elements which manifests as physical and mental illness.

Ideally one should have received the Medicine Buddha empowerment, however, you can still attend the instructions without the empowerment as long as you have taken Refuge or intend to take Refuge at the next available opportunity.

Suggested donation: £20

Lineage and the Teacher-Student Relationship in Tibetan Buddhism - A public talk by Ani Lhamo - Sat 14th 11.30am

A talk about the significance of Lineage - why so much emphasis is placed on it and how it relates to us as 21st century Europeans. 

What is the relevance of Lineage and relying on a spiritual guide in our secular, highly materialistic culture? 

Ani Lhamo will draw from her 35 years of spiritual practice within the Kagyu Lineage of Tibetan Buddhism.

Date: Saturday 14th July 2018 
Time: 11.30am 
Suggested donation: £20

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