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Mindfulness Summer School for Busy Professionals

Mindfulness Summer School for Busy Professionals

We are running a Mindfulness Summer School on the Thur 13th & Fri 14th September in the heart of Cardiff City Centre at Jury's Inn. We have a spacious conference room booked and lunch will be included in the cost of the course. 

This intensive two day course will give you Mindfulness techniques you can use both at home and at work. By practising these techniques regularly and creating a new habit in your life it will lead you to feel more focussed, more relaxed, yet also more productive and with a greater sense of freedom at home and work.

We will provide you with MP3s to support your ongoing practice, as well as course notes. Additionally we will send you 8 weekly emails suggesting practice sessions after the course has finished with suggested practice sessions for the week ahead. 

This course will suit busy people who cannot find the time to do an 8 week mindfulness course.

You can book and pay for a place (or places) on the summer school here:

Have you been stressed this year?

Are the pressures of work getting to you or your family?

Would you like to learn how to be more calm in your daily life?


If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then our Mindfulness Summer School course could be the answer.

Our first course for the general public proved to be really popular and we are pleased to be moving forward with this course right in the heart of the city centre. 

We're happy to accept bookings from individuals, organisations or businesses. Perhaps you've looked at having a course onsite but found the practicalities difficult to manage or you don't have enough people who need to attend to run an exclusive course. This is a great location for businesses around the city centre as employees can easily reach it from the workplace. 

Is this course open to anyone?

Yes, we're running this course to focus on busy professionals and organisations who would like access to Mindfulness and will appreciate the convenient city centre location. It is, however, open to all so if this course would suit you, you are welcome to book. 

What is the format of the course? 

The summer school is a two day version of our ever popular 8 Week Mindfulness Course.

This is an intensive course that covers all the normal material, so it's a great way for you to kickstart your practice of Mindfulness if you're new to meditation.

If you've been on our 8 Week Mindfulness Course before, these 2 days will be a wonderful opportunity to cover the material again, with an expert teacher. Improve your understanding of the exercises, get advice that will help you deepen your practice and make sure you're on the right path.

Perhaps you've taken a break from practicing and want to use the course to get you back on your journey? Whatever your reason, we're sure that beginners and those already practicing will all benefit from attending this course.


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