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An evening stroll – Day two of my retreat at Samye Ling

A stroll at the end of the day at Samye Ling, through the entrance gate, around the Nagarjuna lake with sounds of babbling brook in the distance, along the pathway lined with flags to the stupa. Turning the prayer wheels "Om Mani Peme Hung" then a glimpse of the stupa from the bridge over the water. Lovely sounds of water cascading down over the rocks from the pool around the Guru Rinpoche statue into the water below. Tranquillity. Gazing up the stupa lined driveway to the butter lamp house.

Time for tea then a documentary in the lecture theatre. Lama Yeshe Rinpoche walks into the beautiful lecture room at Samye Ling to show the documentary of 50 years construction at Samye Ling.

I am reminded once more of the quality of workmanship on all the materials used, wherever I look. A film we will be showing at our centres very soon. It makes you realise what has been achieved in Akong Rinpoche's lifetime just in the UK, besides all his other international projects. Truly inspirational

There is evidence all-around of people getting ready for Samye Ling's annual tea party on Sunday where a few thousand people attend every year.


Lorraine is on retreat at Samye Ling  and has sent these pictures and written this blog post for us. We hope you'll enjoy the post.

Part of the Samye Ling Retreat Series

This blog post is part of a series of posts written by friends of the centre who've attended Samye Ling this year. 

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