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A family break at Samye Ling

I have been to Samye Ling a few times now to attend teachings or courses. But this time I went for a couple of days just for a break and to take my teenage granddaughter for the first time.

If you are ever looking for a bit of respite from the busyness of everyday life then Samye is the place to go.  We were blessed with autumn sunshine and took advantage of the beautifully kept gardens and grounds and walks down by the river.  If you are feeling adventurous I am told there are a few walks you can do in the surrounding area.

My granddaughter was enraptured with fairy hill (a short climb even I can manage) and of course, the temple itself is stunning.  Our accommodation in the Potala House was clean and comfortable.  If you wanting to treat yourself to an extra bit of comfort then I recommend the retreat rooms (a little more expensive but worth the extra for the additional facilities).

The library is amazing and a great place for a bit of study time.  The food as ever was delicious. Much of it grown in the gardens and you can’t help but feel nourished by it.

As time slowly passes in this incredibly relaxing and peaceful place you feel the knots in your body and mind unravel and the stresses of life evaporate.

There are meditation sessions and practices running throughout the day and if you are in the mood for some shopping therapy, there is a wonderfully stocked shop and tea rooms to while away a few hours. I always spend far more than I intended whenever I go there!

Samye is not difficult to get to.  The local taxi services know it well but there is also a local bus service from Lockerbie.

I completely recommend a visit to Samye Ling. It is a wonderful opportunity to visit an authentic Tibetan Monastery in the UK. We are so lucky in Cardiff to be part of this lineage.

This guest blog was written by Janet Ahluwalia who volunteers and attends the centre regularly.

Part of the Samye Ling Retreat Series

This blog post is part of a series of posts written by friends of the centre who've attended Samye Ling this year. 

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