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Welsh Book Launch: A Monk’s Guide to Happiness


What is the secret to being happy? Does happiness come from outside us or do we need to look within? Can meditation help?

Gelong Thubten has worked with everyone from Silicon Valley entrepreneurs to Ruby Wax and Benedict Cumberbatch. In his warm and engaging debut book he explores the nature of happiness and explains how to bring meditation into our busy 21st-century lives with simple yet effective exercises.

Gelong Thubten, Buddhist monk, meditation teacher and author, has always been fascinated by the question of happiness. In his youth he tried to find it through living a wild and extreme lifestyle as an actor in New York. This only led to more unhappiness. Desperate for solutions, he found himself at a Buddhist monastery where he became a monk. After training his mind in intensive retreats he now helps many thousands of people worldwide, showing them how to find inner happiness and a greater sense of freedom.

His book can help you:
- Learn practical methods that help you to choose happiness
- Develop greater compassion for yourself and others
- Learn how to meditate in micro-moments during a busy day
- Discover that you are naturally 'hard-wired' for happiness

In this profound and inspiring book, Gelong Thubten presents a practical and sustainable approach to happiness, and how meditation and mindfulness can help us get there.

Thubten helps to bust the myth that our lives and minds are too busy for meditation. Reading this book could revolutionise your relationship with your thoughts and emotions.

'Thubten is a very generous and kind monk who writes with the lived honesty and humour of someone who has experienced the wisdom he shares. His writing is full of inspiration but also the pragmatism needed to form a sustainable practice. His book clearly illustrates why we all need meditation and mindfulness in our lives.'

- Benedict Cumberbatch

A Monk’s Guide to Happiness: Meditation in the 21st Century By Gelong Thubten

Most of us know that meditation is good for us. But how many of us are aware of its true power? We have been encouraged to see meditation as a stress reduction tool or a relaxation therapy. It can be both. But it can be far more. It can answer our questions about how to find happiness.

The author, Gelong Thubten, became a Buddhist monk at the age of 21. He had been an actor, living a wild lifestyle in New York, suffering from severe anxiety leading to a near-death burnout. This dramatic wake-up call led him to completely change his life: he returned to the UK and became a monk at a Tibetan Buddhist monastery in Scotland. His training over the past 25 years has included over six years of intensive, isolated meditation retreats, the longest of which was four years long, and he has studied under some of the most experienced Tibetan masters.

Thubten now teaches meditation and mindfulness in the UK and abroad. He works with the tech giants of Silicon Valley as well as many other global companies, also with Hollywood stars, schoolchildren, major universities, hospitals and prisons. He is a world pioneer, as he introduced these techniques in the corporate sector over 20 years ago, before the mindfulness trend had emerged. His approach includes the development of compassion, which greatly enhances the benefits of the training.

He has a clear understanding of what brings lasting happiness to our lives rather than the short-term, unsatisfying type of ‘buzz’ which ultimately leaves us hungry for more. He explains how  meditation can help us master our thoughts and achieve true inner fulfilment, especially in our frantic modern world.

“I wrote this book because I am passionate about helping people realise they can choose happiness, and I wanted to show how this can be learned through the power of meditation. I want to help bring meditation into the heart of people’s daily lives, not only to reduce stress and gain greater mastery over thoughts and emotions, but also to discover the mind’s deep potential for unconditional compassion and freedom. Happiness is inside you, waiting.” Gelong Thubten

Thubten shares this knowledge in his book A Monk’s Guide to Happiness. He is passionate about demystifying meditation, and to show how it can be incorporated into a busy lifestyle. His book provides a fresh perspective on the challenges of our digital age, and offers advice which is truly transformative. A Monk’s Guide to Happiness contains easy-to-follow practical exercises, including how to practise micro-moments of mindfulness, which are short periods of meditation that we can dip into throughout a busy day.

The book provides clear, accessible insights into exactly how and why meditation works, and how to make it a permanent part of your life. This book will change the way you look at happiness, at your mind, and how you interact with the world. Reading this book will help you live with more purpose, a greater sense of connection to others, more energy - and, yes, more happiness.

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About Gelong Thubten:

Gelong Thubten is a Buddhist monk and meditation teacher from the UK. He teaches meditation in major companies such
as Google and LinkedIn, as well as in healthcare and education. He was the meditation consultant on the set of
Marvel's movie, Doctor Strange, where he trained Benedict Cumberbatch and Tilda Swinton in meditation techniques
while they were filming. Thubten and the neuroscientist Ash Ranpura collaborated with Ruby Wax on her latest bestselling
book - How to be Human, the Manual - and they are currently touring the UK with a live show based on it.

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