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Anna Bowyer


I’m Anna - director and lead therapist at Safe Space Therapies. I provide therapy at the Samye Centre, in schools and in other localities. Below is a little bit of background information to help you understand my motivations as a Play Therapist.

I have always enjoyed working with children and families to help make positive changes in their lives and aspired to become therapeutically- skilled, so I could help children and adolescents with their emotional and mental health. For many years I thought that pursuing a career in Clinical Psychology would be the route that best allowed me to work in this way. However, after completing my BSc in Psychology, undertaking positions in Psychology and research settings and working with children and families for over ten years; I came to realise what I really wanted was to be skilled enough to provide therapy, where each child and family received the same level of skill and knowledge, but in a way that was truly individual to them.

In 2016, I undertook a two year full-time MSc in Play Therapy, whilst continuing to work full-time in Paediatric Hospice. Becoming a BAPT Play Therapist has meant that I can now deliver Child-Centered Therapy, so that children and adolescents accessing the service can talk as much or as little as they like during sessions and lead therapy at their own pace.

Although Play Therapy is traditionally thought of as an approach for children, I also use an adapted version of this approach for adolescents to address their emotional health using creative and expressive techniques. If you would like to find out more about these approaches, please have a look at the 'services' section on my website.

I have worked with lots of different families over the years, including those with experience of:

- Bereavement, loss and separation; 

- Trauma, abuse and neglect;

- Attachment issues, Attachment Disorder and adoption;

- Chronic/Complex illness and caring responsibilities;

- Anxious and challenging behaviour and bullying.

I fully understand how daunting seeking therapy can be and I am a firm believer in finding a therapist that is right for you/your family. If you are unsure about whether this approach is right for you or child or whether we’d get along, just give me a ring or a text and we can have a conversation with no pressure to book anything in. I am always more than happy to chat through the support I am able to provide and signpost to other professionals when necessary.
Hopefully this has given you a better idea of my background and approach. Please get in touch if you are considering gaining support for your child, teenager or family and would like to learn more.

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