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Course Feedback Testimonials

Testimonials from Course Attendees

We regularly use pre and post course evaluation forms to gather data about how the course went. These forms are anonymous for privacy purposes and to encourage people to be as open as possible. Thus the comments below are attributed to courses rather than specific people.

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Mindfulness Association One Year Training course: Mindfulness Level 1 Practitioner Course

"Lorraine and Anthony teach with warmth and compassion and have an immense knowledge and experience in mindfulness. I have learned a lot from them."              February 2019
"It has brought me straight to the heart of the practice. It has expanded my wellbeing."               February 2019
"I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here at this wonderful centre with fantastic teachers. I will definitely be back!"                 February 2019
"Thank you from the bottom of my heart, I would like to think I have made true new friends in Anthony and Lorraine."                  February 2019
"I have deepened my practice and knowledge. The course was very accessible.........Loved the venue, really supports the practice"  February 2019
"Excellent teaching - modelling compassion. Learnt a lot. Motivated to continue the journey."                            February 2019
Sept 2018
Course participants about the course
"Really enjoyable. Great environment, interesting and helpful techniques to experience... and great opportunity to meet new people"
"Perfect balance - interesting learning and listening but also putting it into practice."
"I understand about mindfulness better than I did before, thank you. Having a break in the middle with a drink was enjoyable"
"Very relaxing and well paced"   . Steve Grother
Course participants about the environment
"Felt spacious, minimalistic. Made it a positive and relaxing space.
"it was nice having blankets"


February 2018
Course participants about the course
"The course was excellent. It has given me the tools to carry on with Mindfulness, having previously looked at it on Android apps. Having had the theory explained, it will make moving ahead with the course easier".   Companies House Staff.
"I am more conscious of my surroundings and self worth"  Companies House Staff.
"Very much enjoyed the course. Trainer was great - pitched it very well. Very useful learning to take forward both at home and in work. Many thanks!"   Companies House Staff.
"Lots of very useful learning especially visualising loving kindness and the mind's environment"   Companies House Staff.
"Attending the course was so useful to me. I reflect everyday and use the MP3 guides. Thank you so much"    Companies House Staff.
"Thoroughly enjoyed the course and learning what techniques can be used to help me" . Companies House Staff.
"I found the timing of the course was about right. Thank you - really enjoyable and informative course".  Companies House Staff.
December 2018

Course participants about the course
"Fantastic course, the knowledge of mindfulness and meditation was amazing. I knew I'd made the right choice on the first session. I will be recommending it to everyone"
"Excellent deepening of my practice and enjoyable"
"Excellent course"
"Very enjoyable course, learnt a lot. Feel a lot better about myself through using the practices I have learnt."
Mindfulness Level One Being Present  (Lorraine & Anthony Tutors)
December 2018
"Thank you for a thoroughly enjoybale weekend. I've learnt a lot and love listening to Anthony and Lorraine and their useful stories"
"Thank you very much for another great 2 days of insight and wisdom!"
"It was a clear experiential reminder of the joy of mindfulness. Felt this course was individualised and also benefited from the group experience"
"I found the RAIN method very interesting and will find this helpful. I also learned more about self compassion which I had not fully understood previously"
"Good atmosphere. Nice people. Very, very well presented in language that was easy to follow"
Venue comments:
"Wonderfully inviting, comfortable and welcoming"
"Spacious and very comfortable"
"Very good"

Compassion Weekend Cardiff  (Lorraine & Anthony Tutors)

September 2018
"Good clear teachings, Great venue. Very helpful practice to take forward through daily life. Thank you Lorraine and Anthony for all your hard work I support"
"Teaching has gone deeper and sensitively whereby greater understanding has been achieved"
"Good environment. Excellent teachers. Deep practices.Motivation to practice every day. Motivation to carry on learning."
"The teaching was very clear and delivered in a warm and compassionate way..... I learned a lot"
"Practice sessions and group work excellent. Safe and supportive environment to explain bocks, feeling and emotions. Sharing joy........."
"Authenticity of Lorraine's teaching"
"Excellent training. Thank you"
Venue comments:

"Always a very nurturing experience coming to the centre"

Mindfulness Half-day Workshop - November 2016

“A good introduction, thank you for answering the questions. Looking forward to the 8 week course.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the half-day introduction to mindfulness workshop and would recommend it to anyone feeling they need a mechanism to counter today’s immediatist society that constantly bombards us with information. Mindfulness shows you it’s within your power to change that relation and the level of stress it can generate.”

“Need to practice again.”

“Lovely room!”

Mindfulness Half-day Workshop - October 2016

“An excellent introduction to mindfulness. Will be considering the 8 week course.”

“Very good introduction to mindfulness.”

“Excellent introduction to mindfulness.”

“Interesting and helpful and well delivered.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and it refreshed my mindfulness practice.”

“Enjoyed and looking forward to putting into practice. Thank you.”

Introductory Mindfulness Workshop Cadwyn Housing - October 2016

“Interesting to learn difference between mindfulness and meditation.”

“Very relaxing, hoping to carry forward techniques in my life.”

“Good, especially the practical application in daily life.”

“I can already get a sense of how beneficial this will be –more so with practice.”

“Very interesting, I can see, in this short training session the benefits it could bring.”

“Felt very relaxed after the session – will definitely be giving the exercises a go.”

“Very good. Lorraine was very informative.”

“I will make a conscious effort to use mindfulness daily and feel less stress.”

One Month Mindfulness Course - September 2016

“I am now calmer, less judgemental and less irritable”

“Mindfulness was a new experience for me. I enjoyed it very much.”

Introduction To Mindfulness Workshops - September 2016

​“Loved it! Thank you! I was so stressed, I had a list of things to do this morning and I considered not coming. So glad I opted to come. Thank you!”

“Content linked very well together, Lorraine, then Thubten. Both very clear and engaging.”

“Very, very useful practice which will make a huge difference to my work and home life.”

“”Was eye opening, I find subconsciously I’ve been doing some mindfulness without realising.”

“Would like to explore this further and have a better understanding. Excellent Introduction.”

“Fantastic training – would like to attend an 8 week course.”


“Absolutely worthwhile.”

“Thoroughly enjoyed the course and looking forward to using what I have learned to help me every day.”

“Very interesting. In the future I will practice mindfulness.”

“I would like to do more.”

“A wonderful experience at a very stressful time. Useful exercises to take from the morning which will help during next couple of difficult weeks.”

“Very useful. I felt relaxed at end and would like to do a workshop.”

“Felt very relaxed, really enjoyed it.”

“I found Lorraine very calming and I enjoyed the session very much.”

“Very interesting.”

1 Month Mindfulness Course April - May 2016

“I am hoping to progress with mindfulness and to train after the workshop in future. I am an artist and I would like to work and to link both in my personal and work life.”

“Very helpful, would be happy to do regular retreat days even between courses."

I have done 2 courses now with Lorraine and get enormous benefit from both. If I had to choose a length I would prefer 8 week I think because it builds in more process time. (I get tired in evenings for the longer sessions). However as long as I can continue to practice and study mindfulness at the centre I will be happy!”

“Good practice day – consolidated all of my learning. Lorraine was kind and compassionate. The members on the course were ideal companions. At times the venue was a little cold though.”

“I found it relaxing and helped me to have a new outlook on my work and home life. Thank you for your kindness, understanding and sharing so much.”

“Loved it very beneficial.”

8 Week Mindfulness Course January - March 2016

“More patience. Balanced response.”

“(the retreat day offered) Excellent opportunity to support much longer periods of meditation."

“Fantastic course, opened my eyes to living a better way in a hectic world.”

“Well worth coming here. Does your mind a world of good.”

“The ability to be more present enables more space, time and attention to hear and experience – hence more time to evaluate and respond thus react appropriately."

“The retreat day provides sufficient time for deeper realisation of the value of practice, hence precipitates a deeper realisation of value and a wish to do more.”

“The good fortune of having such an excellent centre in Cardiff and Caerphilly is beyond words. Further to have such amazing deep, knowledgeable teachers who have lifelong authentic practice is beyond words.”

“The retreat day was amazing! Having the opportunity to consolidate all I have learned in a compassionate, supportive environment has given me the confidence to maintain my practice.”

“Thank you for a life changing experience and for giving me the tools to continue that experience.”

“i got a lot out of the retreat day – the sessions were longer than at home and it was very positive to realise that I can settle to longer sessions.”

“During the retreat day I realised I could meditate mindfully for a lengthy time period."

Introduction to Mindfulness Workshop - February 2016

“Very enjoyable day. Time passed quickly. Thank you.”

“Very good introduction.”

“The day went really quickly and was both instructing and enjoyable.”

“Lovely class, very relaxing and enjoyable. Great tutor.”

“Concise information for a one-day course. Very enjoyable, lots of good info. Easy to implement in daily life.”

8 Week Mindfulness Course - January 2016

“Lorraine is an excellent teacher, guiding us gently to understanding, realisations and always with kindness and compassion. It’s a pleasure to be at the centre.”

“I just loved the silence! It’s for me! I liked having the time to be and it’s made formal practice seem less daunting since I managed a full day.”

“This course has made a really big difference to me – has felt like a real gift and has helped me in my recovery from depression and identify and alleviate my anxiety, plus I have started sleeping again after a long period of insomnia. Lorraine teaches beautifully – I would highly recommend this course.”

“I feel a little more able to hold my own and be clear with others, on the long road to stopping the people pleasing!”

“Really enjoyed the course and feel everyone would benefit from mindfulness. I hope to continue further with my practice.”

“I wanted to explore mindfulness as a way to address a traumatic event in my past. I have been pleased with my progress and the realisation that there is light (of kindness and compassion) at the end of the tunnel. It’s not a quick fix but I am excited by the possibilities.”

“It was a wonderful experience, peaceful and insightful.”

“The retreat provided a fantastic opportunity to have quality “me time” and deepen my practice. Pleasantly surprised as I was feeling apprehensive beforehand.”

“Being more compassionate towards others has helped me to not take their actions personally, resulting in a better overall relationship.”

“Generally in a more relaxed state of mind with everyone. Reactivity reduced, compassion increased.”

Introduction To Mindfulness - January 2016

“Enjoyed listening to theory and stories and feedback from other participants.”

“Very knowledgeable tutor. Made you feel relaxed and valued.”

“Great Course, fantastic interactions. I enjoyed the practical exercises. Safe, comfortable environment.”

“Very well facilitated, clear explanation and useful examples and easy to implement techniques.”

“Lorraine had a calming voice which helped. It was good to listen to other people’s feedback of how they felt after an exercise.”

Introduction to Mindfulness workshop - January 2016

“Very nicely lit, and laid out. Comfortable and supportive environment.”

“I thought it was a fantastic combination of both theory and practice.”

“Lorraine delivered beautifully and answered everyone’s questions extremely well.”

“Fantastic starting point to understand the principles. Great, compassionate teaching. Personal practice now essential.”

Introduction to Mindfulness workshop - July 2015

“Excellent introduction. Learnt a lot and eager to continue on the journey.”

“Enjoyed learning the different supports.”

“Lorraine was really knowledgeable and engaging as a course tutor.”

“Much more comprehensive than I thought it would be. Felt like a proper workshop not just an advertising opportunity. I enjoyed it very much and took a lot from it.”

“I enjoyed a good level of practical exercises.”

Very informative and enjoyable. Very well delivered.”

“Very soothing voice.”

“Very good presentation. Thank you Lorraine.”

Introduction to Mindfulness Workshop - July 2015

“Really great day.”

“I want to learn a lot and hope to come back and do the 8 week course.”

“Lorraine was very knowledgeable and delivered the course very well with clear explanations. Her voice was very calm and easy to listen to while practising.”

“”Very well explained.”

“Tutor excellent. Best mindfulness / meditation course I’ve done! Thank you.”

“Very good introductory day – thoroughly enjoyed. Would like to do more.”

“Lovely, light full room.”

“Lorraine is great. I really enjoyed the workshop and would love to learn more about practising mindfulness.”

“Light, airy and very peaceful.”

“Could have stayed all weekend!”

“Lorraine’s introduction to mindfulness was an oasis of peace, calm, sense of serenity in a busy world.”

“Very relaxed atmosphere – no expectations.”

“Lorraine was a fabulous teacher. Made it very simple to try and allowed lots of discussion to follow.”

Introduction to Mindfulness - June 2015

“Extremely good, informative, well-led class.”

“Fantastic teacher, very inspiring!”

“Very informative and interesting. Felt calmer at the end of the day.”

“Lorraine’s voice is very special.”

“”Feeling very relaxed, will want to carry on with journey.”

“Very informative and interesting. Can see the benefits of using mindfulness in every day life.”

“Enjoyable – valued input from other participants.”

Introduction To Mindfulness - June 2015

“Really knowledgeable instructor. I felt well guided and appreciated it – thank you.”

“Excellent tutor, warm, gentle and explained everything so well.”

“Inspiring Experience.”

“Nice, airy room – free from clutter and welcoming.”

“Well paced and attuned to the group and individuals. Gentle encouragement and humour.”

“Lovely light room and lots of space.”

“Good introduction to mindfulness some techniques can use. Excellent teacher and knowledgeable.”

“Definitely will pursue this and hopefully achieve the desired results.”

Introduction to Mindfulness - April 2015

“The room was comfortable and relaxing.”

“It was easy t o listen to and to take on board. Nothing was forced and everyone was given the opportunity to comment, interact or just be present. Anthony has an engaging voice and his delivery is very good – very inclusive of all those present (no pun intended).”

“I have enjoyed this session and hope to commit to practice what I have learned, to enable me to cope with stresses of work.”

“Thought provoking. Possibly life – changing!”

“Thoroughly informative and pleasant day. Anthony’s persona was one of kindness and calmness, an insight of what practising mindfulness can bring. – a definite inspiration. Thanks very much, thoroughly enjoyed it.”

“This topic was very well delivered and explained in such a way so as to arouse an interest. Concept was made easy to understand with simple every day activities.”

“I haven’t felt this much at peace with myself for a very long time – an essential day with amazing benefits. Thank you so much.”

“I think I will be able to use what I’ve learned on a daily basis. I feel that it will help to improve me as a person and I definitely want to learn more.”

“Very informative and insightful.”

“Very good workshop.”

“Good atmosphere, nice people, good teacher.”

Introduction To Mindfulness - April 2015

“Would recommend this course.”

“Hope to return one day.”

“Excellent course content. Very informative.”

“Excellent tutor, very approachable and incredibly knowledgeable. Great course.”

“Very interesting and useful.”

8 Week Mindfulness Course, Cardiff - February to March 2015

“It was extremely useful to bring everything together and also spend longer with it.”

“I believe I need to do this again to begin to feel the benefit. I will discuss it with work.”

“Delivery of the course was clear, concise and very beneficial.”

“Feeling benefits further to completing course and practicing regularly.”

Introduction To Mindfulness Workshop - January 2015

“Very enjoyable. Inspiring in a lovely calm way. Will definitely continue practising.”

“Excellent, both Lorraine and Anthony gave great information and practical exercises.”

“Excellent course. Want to do more training.”

“Liked the use of cushions, blankets and mats.”

“I found examples from practice very useful.”

“I really enjoyed the workshop and hope to practice.”

“Excellent tutoring.”

“Lovely tutors. Very knowledgable. I look forward to coming back for further training.”

“Thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. Thank you.”

“I have thoroughly enjoyed this introduction. I feel confident that I will embrace what I have learned today – take it forward both in my personal and professional life. (It should be compulsory in our early years to take forward in life.”

“I thought the workshop was really good – very informative and a good introduction. Definitely makes me want to practice this and possibly go on to do the 8 week course.”

“Very interesting. Speakers engaging.”

“Very good introduction. Good grounding to take into everyday life.”

“A very relaxing thought provoking day. Thank you.”

“Lots of opportunities to practice helped increase understanding of mindfulness in practice.”

“Really enjoyed this course – it increased my awareness, giving me confidence to progress to 8 week and 8 month courses.”

8 Week Mindfulness Course - January to March 2014

“Would love to do 8 month course when time is right – hope to enrol on course in 2015. The 8 week course is ideal for introduction to mindfulness.”

“Enjoyed having the (retreat) day to myself.”

“Very much enjoyed the course. My stress levels have become much lower. I am looking forward to the 8 month course. I am looking forward to training my observer further!”

“Excellent introduction to mindfulness – whetted my appetite for finding out more.”

“The course tutors were lovely and explained it really well and showed how it was done too! Lots of opportunity to practice was really helpful for going beyond theory.”

“As my mindset has changed I have become more accepting and understanding.”

“The whole (retreat) day was excellent. Location was amazing. The silence was not a problem, I really enjoyed it.”

(Since doing the course) “I get less worked up, less quick to judge.”

“It has allowed me to take a step back and ask why I am doing certain things.”

“I have come off anti-depressants since starting this course and feel better able to manage day to day stresses. I would like to continue guided practice.”

“First retreat – unsure what to expect – but found it a treat! Enjoyed the Caerphilly venue as well.”

“I have found unscheduled practice becoming part of my daily life and have developed a definite sense of calm.”

“I am about to apply for my own job. Attending this course has helped me not to stress about the application form and interview.”

“I found the retreat day to be very relaxing and for me finally felt I really connected and understood mindfulness.”

“I found it (the retreat day) very relaxing and a very beneficial experience.”

“I hope to repeat the course as I want to continue growing in my mindfulness so it leads me to have a more fulfilling life.”

“A very interesting experience. I think I would like to participate again.”

“I embrace the concept of mindfulness wholeheartedly. I do have resistance though, which I am determined to overcome by finding a suitable daily routine for my practice.”

“(The retreat day) went quickly, liked the quietness, felt safe.”

“Thank you! I’ve learned so much and it’s been reassuring to have my mindset confirmed as OK. It’s OK to be me and I’ve found that keeping the diary, gratitude diary has been of great interest and help. The centre provides a safe and comforting environment to help me help myself.”

“Whole programme very relaxing and enjoyable. Voice very calming and relaxing. Made to feel your problems were quite common and not on your own.”

8 Month Mindfulness Course - 2013 to 2014

“(walking meditation) is another method, usually sitting is too difficult due to resistance.”

“(practising) has made me more aware of the positive side of staying in the present and making the most of like.”

“It’s so simple, yet so effective.”

“Thank you for an excellent course, my journey continues with you next month.”

“I enjoy life so much more now. I appreciate everything I have and worry a lot less. I am enormously grateful for the centre for running the course.”

“I will recommend mindfulness to my family and friends, as I know it will benefit them.”

“Course tutors were pleasant, polite and encouraging and helpful. They were an inspiration to all the students.”

"Since starting the 8 week mindfulness course I am taking things in my stride more and this is helping me enjoy the job and remember what I love about the work I do.”

Half-day Introductory Workshop, Cardiff and Vale College - April 2014

“The tutor was a true example of how ethical mindfulness should be delivered. Inspired me to follow up on more mindfulness training.”

“Very useful – a right balance of feeling grounded.”

“Loved it!”

“The workshop was excellent, the tutor clearly believes and practices what she preaches.”

“The session was delivered at a level appropriate to the group and in a very calm way. Beautiful voice!”

“Would be interested in learning more about it.”

Ty Newydd 8 Week Mindfulness Course - March to April 2014.

“I found mindfulness of great help in my everyday life.”

“Helps with disciplining my mind with kindness.”

“I’ve enjoyed and got a lot out of mindfulness and look forward to attending another mindfulness course if possible.”

8 week Mindfulness Course - April to June 2014

“Relaxing and calming”

“Unforgettable experience, I’m so glad I came.”

“The 8 week course has deepened my understanding of mindfulness. I cannot speak highly enough of Anthony. I have given the centre’s contact details to my consultant at RGH who was a keen advocate of mindfulness and wishes to refer patients to you.“

“Very good. Helped me to see that I need to do more practise. This course has been a very big help in my life.”

“Enjoying the simple activities that I find quite calming. Need to continue to ease anxiety.”

“Calmer at work. Don’t let things get to me as much.”

“The retreat day was excellent – it pulled together all the practises.”

“More relaxed with other people.”

“Excellent practise.”

“A fantastic course. Thanks.”

“Confidence growing with talking about mindfulness at work.”

January 2014

“Very much enjoyed the course. Found it had enriched my life greatly.”

“The last session, which expanded on the observer and undercurrent was excellent. It really explained the benefits of mindfulness in a way that (finally!) got through to me! And in a way that I haven’t come across by reading about mindfulness and meditation.” 

“I am a much calmer and happier person.” 

“Thank you mindfulness! The course tutors have been inspiring and I have found a new perspective on life. nothing really matters that much!”

“At the moment work life has had a major impact on my private life. I know that if I continue to practice it will help me to be more compassionate. Not only with myself but all those I come in contact with.”

“I found the course tutor very helpful and understanding.”

“Good delivery of the course. During the 8 week course, I sometimes felt that I would not continue, but the retreat helped to get back on track – very helpful.”

“My overall well-being has improved. I am less stressed and more focused.” 

June - September 2013

“This helped me understand how we react to stress, even from an early age. It helped me to understand how your mind needs to prioritise and spend time at peace. The workshop explored how we can use techniques for dealing with everyday stresses in life.”

“… a beneficial course delivered with such enthusiasm and integrity. Excellent, thought-provoking teaching.”

“A priceless orientation towards cultivation of the diamond mind.”

“I found the course a bit of a roller coaster and towards the end, things calmed down.” 

“Really appreciate the course and know I’ve already shifted some attitudes, thoughts & feelings. Want to do more – it’s a lifelong journey.”

“I definitely have more understanding of mindfulness and feel I am on a journey and have been helped along the way.” 

“Thank you for a very valuable experiential course on mindfulness. The day retreat was particularly beneficial in bringing the course material together." 

“This is the start of something I am going to benefit from every day.” 

“Practising techniques helps enormously with managing stress, anxiety and depression.”

“The course has definitely improved my ability to manage my reactions to ongoing situations.” 

“Really enjoyed every session. would recommend it to a lot of my friends.” 

“It has definitely improved my quality of life.” 

Introduction To Mindfulness Full Day Workshop 

“I enjoyed very much and will attend another course. It hopefully will start me off on a new awareness of myself and my surroundings.” 

“Thank you so much for energised delivery, given with love and compassion.” 


“This has been an excellent course. Lorraine is so affirming in her teaching. This enabled the class to feel able to be totally honest. There was never a sense of judgement, just warm encouragement.” 

“The structure and method of the course were superb, evenly paced, interesting and progressive. I would recommend this course to all.” 

“Good principles for living a better more inclusive and loving life.” 

“Brilliant entry to Mindfulness.” 

“A great start to a lifelong journey.”

“Excellent teaching and friendly environment. The chance to discuss practice was cathartic and inspiring.” 

“I found this workshop was facilitated really well and I felt very relaxed and peaceful at the end.” 

“The full retreat day was excellent – it brought everything together.” 

“Meeting like-minded people. It feels a safe place to be open and honest. Great Compassion teachers.” 

Mindfulness workshop testimonials:

“Feeling that I was in an atmosphere of compassion and support at a difficult time for me. Learning to begin to think and see the world differently. Feeling that there is hope for a better future for me.”

Yoga and Mindfulness Workshop testimonials:

“Lovely experience, hope to continue with more mindfulness studies.”

“Felt at ease to ask questions as a beginner.”  

“The venue feels calm and peaceful, perfect for yoga, rather than leisure centre.”

“Learned a lot about my mind and body.”


“The teacher was gentle and empathic – I enjoyed working with her.” 

“Thank you Lorraine! This really has been a pleasure and I will continue.” 

“It was a very useful course, delivered in a very compassionate way.” 

“What a fantastic course! Thanks so much Lorraine, I can’t wait to continue practising.” 

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