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Is your centre accessible for those with mobility issues?

We can provide wheelchair access to the ground floor of our public buildings with our portable ramp. Some courses and events are normally held on the top floor, in our shrine room and those are not accessible. If you wish to attend and cannot access the shrine room, please give us plenty of advance notice and we will make every effort to move the event to a ground floor room. This may not be possible at short notice as rooms may be booked out but please do ask anyway and we’ll do what we can. 

We have a page for this subject here: Accessibility

Are your Mindfulness courses certificated?

Yes, we provide a certificate for those who complete a course. For an 8 Week or 8 Month course you need to attend 80% of sessions and the retreat day/s to qualify for your certificate. 

I did not receive my certificate. What should I do?

Please email and explain which course you were on and we will check that you have qualified and then issue a certificate.

What are retreat days?

Retreat Days are included after attending all the Mindfulness courses and stand as events in their own right. This time offers an opportunity to deepen your practice of Mindfulness meditation and retreats are held mainly in silence. 

Which courses include retreat days?

We include 1 retreat day between the final two weeks of each 8 week course. This includes the Mindfulness course and the Compassion Based Living Course. There are also two retreat days included in the 8 Month Mindfulness course. 

Are there any retreat days not attached to courses?

Yes, we run Buddhist Retreat Days and Compassion Retreat days throughout the year. You may also attend some of the 8 Week retreat days which are attached to the ongoing courses. All available days can be booked through our website.

What is meant by ‘8 Week Mindfulness Course’?

The 8 week Mindfulness course is the mainstay of our Mindfulness teaching. It is the course that is recommended for beginners, and teaches you how to be more present in your daily life especially when dealing with difficult situations. This course can be taken repeatedly for further practice. 

What is meant by “8 Week Compassion Based Living Course”?

The Compassion Based Living Course is a more advanced course that is suitable for people who have been through an 8 week Mindfulness course and have developed a consistent practice of Mindfulness meditation. Compassion is a crucial aspect of Mindfulness practice and this course includes further instruction to help you deepen your practice. 

What is included in the 8 Month Mindfulness Course?

 The 8 Month Course is 32 weeks of customised Mindfulness lessons, delivered by Anthony, once per year. For each course, he adjusts the material delivered to suit the people attending. There are 2 separate retreat days as part of the structure of this 8 month course.

The purpose of the 8 Month Mindfulness Course is to create a consistent environment for the deepening of our mindfulness practice.
Practicing our meditation within the supportive space of a group is further nourished by enquiry and the invitation to share about ones practice. This sharing space creates a rich and supportive dynamic which can foster deeper commitment and inspiration for one’s own practice both within the group, as well as when one is practicing at home.
The process of meditation is the facilitation of a natural potential of consciousness being able to settle into ever deeper more expansive and subtler dimensions of itself.
The purpose of enquiry and reflective practice is to hone our acuity in our ability to spot habitual patterns of thinking and feeling which, can subtly derail our practice. The essential underpinning of this course is the importance of loving kindness and compassion, which are the fundamental ingredients necessary for skilful practice.

What is the half day Mindfulness Workshop for?

This workshop will give you an insight into what Mindfulness is and how it can be of benefit to you.  You will learn  Mindfulness exercises so that you can begin practicing on your own. If you are entirely new this is a great opportunity to learn the basics so that you can begin your practice. If you are already practicing Mindfulness or have even done an 8 Week Mindfulness Course, this is a great opportunity to review the basic material with an experienced teacher. It is not necessary to complete this workshop before joining an 8 Week Mindfulness Course. 

Who can attend a Compassion Based Living Course?

The Compassion Based Living Course is for experienced Mindfulness practitioners and we expect you to have completed the 8 Week Mindfulness Course and develop a habit of practice before you attend this course. Please email if you need to know whether this course is suitable for you. 

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