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Become a Guardian

Become a Guardian of Our Centre and Support our Work

The Guardian's programme is our monthly donation option for those who wish to help us continue our work teaching and promoting Mindfulness and providing other well-being services to the local community. 

You can become a Guardian of our centre in Cardiff with a simple monthly donation through Charity Checkout

Guardian donations are eligible for Gift Aid which can be handled through Charity Checkout. 

How to Become a Guardian Of The Mindfulness and Well-being Centre

If you would like to become a Guardian of our Mindfulness and Well-being Centre, you can sign up for a monthly donation through Charity Checkout and we will add you to our Guardian register. 

Once you have signed up via Charity Checkout, please email and confirm that you would like to become a Guardian of the centre. Our centre is run by volunteers and that will help us handle the administration end as efficiently as possible. 

Guardian Levels

We have five pre-set levels of Guardian which are named for convenience as follows:

  • Patron £50 per month
  • Sponsor £30 per month
  • Benefactor £20 per month
  • Friend £10 per month
  • Supporter under £10 per month

Donating Other Amounts

You can, of course, donate what you wish to us, on a monthly basis. All donations are received with gratitude, whether large or small. Regular donations of all sizes help us become more financially stable and allow us to provide services to the community. 

When you use Charity Checkout, you can select any amount that you wish to donate on a monthly basis. 

The levels we give on Charity Checkout are simply suggestions and a way to make giving a donation easier. 

Volunteer Instead

Perhaps you'd like to support us, but can't do so financially. You can still help us by volunteering in some capacity. The best place to find out about particular roles, is Volunteering Wales but you can pop us an email or ask when you're at the centre too. 

Our support comes in may forms, from direct financial support, to volunteers who water the plants, to people who share our posts on social media or suggest a friend visit us or attend a course. 

If you're feeling really energetic, you could do a charity run or walk and fundraise for us! 


How does the Guardian programme help Samye?

Your Guardian donations can help in any number of ways and we appreciate any donation, large or small, one-off or ongoing. Every little helps to secure the future of Samye Foundation and our Mindfulness and Wellbeing Centre. Because membership is a monthly donation, it is particularly beneficial to the long term future and stability of Samye Foundation. 

  • Regular donations help smooth out our cashflow
  • With more donors we can bring more teachers to the centre to give workshops and talks
  • We can make improvements to the buildings and garden
  • We can make badly needed upgrades to our equipment and software, allowing us to save money in the long term
  • We can make the centre more environmentally friendly e.g. by replacing older lightbulbs with greener versions
  • We can provide more courses
  • We can help our hard working volunteers and pay for their travelling expenses
  • We can offer training to our volunteers to help with their personal growth and development

Can I support Kagyu Samye Dzong Cardiff instead of Samye Foundation Wales?

Absolutely. Samye Foundation Wales and Kagyu Samye Dzong Cardiff share our centre. There are three buildings, two of which are available for us by the general public (the other contains offices).

You can be a Guardian of the centre to support KSD Cardif or Samye Foundation Wales. Please contact if you'd like to specifically join as a KSD Cardiff supporter. All donations through Charity Checkout go to Samye Foundation Wales and we CANNOT move donations across, so if you particularly wish to donate to KSD Cardiff, please contact us. 

Why do you have separate Guardian and Subscriber programmes? 

Programmes such as ours, which offer benefits to becoming a subscriber, are not eligible for Gift Aid. Therefore we have Subscribers and Guardian programmes separately so that people can make a donation and receive benefits, or simply financially support the centre.

You may, of course, join both programmes. If you wanted to donate £100 a month you could be a Patron and enjoy full Subscriber benefits with £50/month. You could then donate the other £50 through the Guardian's programme which would be eligible for £12.50 of Gift Aid.

We do not offer a Membership programme. In some charities, members attend and vote at an annual AGM and becoming a Guardian or Subscriber of the Centre does not confer voting rights or duties. Please ask if you have any questions.

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