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Membership Of The Cardiff Mindfulness and Well-being Centre

If you would like to become a member of our Cardiff Mindfulness and Well-being Centre, you can sign up for a monthly donation through Charity Checkout and we will add you to our Members register. 

How does the Membership program help Samye?

Your membership donations can help in any number of ways and we appreciate any donation, large or small, one-off or ongoing. Every little helps to secure the future of Samye Foundation and our Mindfulness and Wellbeing Centre. Because membership is a monthly donation, it is particularly beneficial to the long term future and stability of Samye Foundation. 

  • Regular donations help smooth out our cashflow
  • With more members we can bring more teachers to the centre to give workshops and talks
  • We can make improvements to the buildings and garden
  • We can make badly needed upgrades to our equipment and software, allowing us to save money in the long term
  • We can make the centre more environmentally friendly e.g. by replacing older lightbulbs with greener versions
  • We can provide more courses
  • We can help our hard working volunteers and pay for their travelling expenses
  • We can offer training to our volunteers to help with their personal growth and development


Membership Benefits

As a thank you for the support of your membership of our Cardiff Mindfulness and Wellbeing Centre provides, we offer benefits to all members.

We have four levels of membership – each level has benefits as outlined below.

Patron £50 per month

20% discount on in-house courses and events. Preferential room hire rates. 1 free retreat per month

Sponsor £30 per month

15% discount on in-house courses and events. 4 free retreat days per year

Benefactor £20 per month

10% discount on in-house courses and events. 2 free retreat days per year

Friend £10 per month

2 discounted retreat days per year (50% discount per retreat).

All members are entitled to the following benefits.

  • Use of the library & shrine room for meditation when the office is open
  • Attendance of weekday meditation sessions for free


Please note: Courses and events with guest speakers are not discounted as we have to pay fees and travelling expenses. Residential retreats are not discounted as the venues, teacher costs and admin have to be paid for. If you would like to make use of your Member benefits, please notify the Office or email us at and present your Membership Card. 

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