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What is mindfulness? It’s a question that is often asked and below is just one definition of it.

“Mindfulness is a method of paying attention and becoming aware of our thoughts and feelings. In so doing, we learn how to respond to situations rather than getting caught up in the habit of reacting automatically out of unconscious conditioning.” Rob Nairn (2008).

We are the only centre in Wales to provide compassion-based mindfulness training to both individuals and businesses.

Compassion-based mindfulness is a secular form of meditation that can be practised at home and in the busiest situations at work. Our compassion-based mindfulness training deals with tackling the root causes of stress and anxiety by implementing a set of simple guided techniques that combat negative thought patterns.

The essence of compassion-based mindfulness is to treat any negative thoughts with compassion and loving kindness. Ultimately, compassion-based mindfulness teaches us that we are human and gives us the ability to accept our humanity with all its frailties.

Compassion-based mindfulness originated from Buddhist teachings but is now taught in a secular manner.

​We are members of the Mindfulness Association, which is a group of professionals that have completed compassion-based mindfulness training with Samye College

Benefits of Mindfulness

The National Institute for Clinical Excellence has recommended mindfulness-based cognitive therapy for treatment of recurrent depression since 2004.

There are numerous clinical studies that have indicated that mindfulness can do the following:

  • A 70% reduction in anxiety
  • Fewer visits to your GP
  • Longer and better quality sleep, with fewer sleep disturbances
  • A reduction in negative feelings like anger, tension and depression

Mindfulness can be particularly useful stress management tool for organisations.

For further research into the clinical and health benefits of mindfulness - click here

What Courses Do You Offer?

We offer a variety of different courses on mindfulness. A great place to start is our Introduction to Mindfulness Workshop where you can familiarise yourself with mindfulness practice and gives you an understanding of the benefits it will bring to you. It's a perfect taster before taking our 8 week Mindfulness Course.

We have a series of courses that you can follow, to see our current availability of courses click here.

Our Mindfulness Trainers

The mindfulness trainers we use to deliver our courses have been trained by the Mindfulness Association and follow a strict code of conduct for delivering and practising mindfulness.

We follow the guidelines as laid down by the Mindfulness teachers UK Our trainers regularly attend Continued Professional Development courses to ensure best practice and keep up to date with current mindfulness research and practice.

Before becoming trainers in mindfulness it was essential that they had been practising for a number of years and have completed a few retreats. Some of our trainers are also tutors for the Mindfulness Association UK and deliver the One Year Compassion Training course and the One Year Mindfulness Training course in Wales which is a necessary training if you wish to become a mindfulness teacher. Please contact us if you would like further information regarding our trainers.

What Course Participants Have To Say About Our Courses

Introduction To Mindfulness Workshop

“Excellent introduction. Learnt a lot and eager to continue on the journey."

“Enjoyed learning the different supports.”

“Lorraine was really knowledgeable and engaging as a course tutor.”

“Much more comprehensive than I thought it would be. Felt like a proper workshop not just an advertising opportunity. I enjoyed it very much and took a lot from it.”

“Very informative and enjoyable. Very well delivered.”

“I want to learn a lot and hope to come back and do the 8 week course.”

8 Week Mindfulness Course

“Very much enjoyed the course. My stress levels have become much lower. I am looking forward to the 8 month course. I am looking forward to training my observer further!”

“The course tutors were lovely and explained it really well and showed how it was done too! Lots of opportunity to practice was really helpful for going beyond theory.”

“As my mindset has changed I have become more accepting and understanding.”

“The whole (retreat) day was excellent. Location was amazing. The silence was not a problem, I really enjoyed it.”

“I have come off anti-depressants since starting this course and feel better able to manage day to day stresses. I would like to continue guided practice.”

8 Month Mindfulness Course

“(walking meditation) is another method, usually sitting is too difficult, due to resistance.”

“(practising) has made me more aware of the positive side of staying in the present and making the most of like.”

“It’s so simple, yet so effective.”

“I will recommend mindfulness to my family and friends, as I know it will benefit them.”

“Course tutors were pleasant, polite and encouraging and helpful. They were an inspiration to all the students.”

Mindfulness Resources

In this section, we will be posting a series of video blogs and podcasts on mindfulness and meditation from our own teachers with a wealth of experience in compassion-based mindfulness as well as internationally-renown teachers from Samye Ling Monastery.
Below are two talks from Anthony Harris on compassion and the elements in mindfulness.

These are free to listen to from the links below:

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Mindfulness Links:

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