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Nicola Hydes

About me

Nicola is a fully qualified integrative therapist currently practicing within Caerphilly, Cardiff, South Wales. She is also a registered member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (MBACP) working towards full accreditation. Nicola holds a Criminal Record (DRB) Enhanced Disclosure Certificate and full indemnity insurance. This assures her clients a high standard of care.

​Having worked for a non charitable mental health agency for the past 4 years, providing therapy to individuals who are experiencing mental health issues, such as depression and anxiety. Nicola has a proven ability to empathise with individuals whilst retaining an objective and realistic approach to their needs and therapy. She has worked with individuals from all walks of life with issues incorporating various problems that people can find themselves having to deal with. Having gained experience of working with trauma and abuse together with relationship and family difficulties/conflict.

Contact Details

For more information or if you have any questions please get in touch. Alternatively, you can visit my website for more information.

Mobile: 07883492458


Nicola has accompanied  many clients on their personal journeys, helping them to explore/identify irrational thinking patterns contributing to their feelings of sadness, depression and anxiety, encouraging clients to focus and build on their strengths overcoming feelings of hopelessness, fear and dread enabling them to lead more positive lives and improving their well-being.  Prior to working within the mental health sector, Nicola has gained experience working within Place 2 be, a charity working with children aged between 5-11 years, helping children overcome emotional barriers and behavioural difficulties, improving confidence/self esteem through play.

What to Expect from Counselling

People can have different perspectives on therapy, opening up to a complete stranger can appear very daunting, especially if you are depressed or experiencing anxiety. Facing past trauma or conflict or even relationship difficulties may seem overwhelming and depending on your issues it can seem as though you have lost control. Therefore, your first  appointment is in fact the beginning of your personal journey of self discovery. Whereby, you can both explore any issues/concerns  and gain clarity going forward and most importantly get to know the real you.

Nicola is committed to providing therapy within a safe, confidential and non-judgemental environment, whereby client's can talk about any difficulties they may be experiencing, explore aspects of their life that may be causing emotional distress or elements of their lives they may want to change,   without being judged or criticised. Having this therapeutic space for self exploration can help client's to recognise and accept how they feel, help to gain clarity and make decisions/choices that are right for themselves, enabling them to resolve their issues or help find alternative ways of coping. Whatever, you choose to discuss during sessions is completely private and confidential.

​Nicola adopts an integrative approach to counselling, viewing all clients as unique and capable of change and growth. All  individuals will have their own way of coping with life's challenges.  Nicola's foundation in therapy is person centred very much client led/non directive,  personal and effective. She  will work collaboratively with you at your own pace in your own time, enabling you to make choices and decisions that allow you to take control of your life again, resulting in personal growth and self awareness. However,  she uses a variety of theoretical approaches depending on client's needs, drawing on elements of both psychodynamic and cognitive therapies.

Nicola has experience of working with individuals experiencing the following issues:

Anxiety - Depression - Relationship issues - Grief/loss -Sexual abuse/Trauma -

Emotional Abuse -  Physical Abuse - Low Self -confidence - self esteem ​- Identity issues

Suicidal thoughts/Ideation - Stress - Guilt/Shame - Anger - Bullying

Fee Structure

Nicola offers an initial consultation for 50 mins – fee £25.00. This session  gives, clients opportunity to share their concerns perhaps what brings them to counselling and what they hope to achieve. Nicola will give an overview of how she works; she will also give you opportunity to ask any questions.

Before agreeing to any counselling sessions, Nicola will talk you through the Contractual agreement which sets out clear boundaries such as date, time and amount of sessions together with confidentiality and limitations to, should you both choose to work together.

Nicola's counselling fees are £45 per 50 minute session; she also offers reduced rates of £25 per session, for those in receipt of benefits, students and senior citizens. Payments can be made in cash, cheque or pay-pal. Nicola also offers home visits, details of which can be discussed during consultation.

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