Can you be a Buddhist and have a Self?

PUBLIC TALK: Can you be a Buddhist and have a Self?

March 8, 2019 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Free – All donations gratefully received

A fund-raising public talk at the Cardiff Buddhist Centre

Alistair is back in 2019 to give a public lecture at the Cardiff Centre on Cowbridge Road. And he’s tackling one of the most fascinating and mind-boggling issues of Buddhism. If there is no self what is existing in the here-and-now?

Buddhist “no-self” and the neural magnificence of the brain

Alistair works as a psychotherapist and is especially interested in the physiological underpinnings of our emotions and behaviours. The great explosion of knowledge from neuroscience has changed the way we think about our ‘selves’. And the cross over with Buddhist thinking is really striking. 

Understanding the basic building blocks of human life allows us to ‘re-frame’ the Buddhist idea of no-self. We can have a flourishing self without having a limited ego. 

In this jargon-free public talk, Alistair will unpack some of the basic ideas of Buddhist psychology and the world of embodied neuroscience. Drawing on the work of the late scientist Jak Panksepp, he shows how we can rest on the building blocks of the brain without getting tangled in the thickets of the mind. 

The tickets are free but booking is better

You’re welcome to show up on the day. And the talk starts at 7pm on the Friday evening. But in order to keep on top of the number please use the field below to book a place. We will be collecting at the end for the work of the Samye Foundation Wales


Please note: We expect this to be a popular talk and while we can accommodate significant numbers, there is a limit. If you’re coming, you should book early via Alistair’s website so you are on the register. 



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