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 The 8 Month Course is 32 weeks of customised Mindfulness lessons, delivered by Anthony, once per year. For each course, he adjusts the material delivered to suit the people attending. There are 2 separate retreat days as part of the structure of this 8 month course.
The purpose of the 8 Month Mindfulness Course is to create a consistent environment for the deepening of our mindfulness practice.
Practicing our meditation within the supportive space of a group is further nourished by enquiry and the invitation to share about ones practice. This sharing space creates a rich and supportive dynamic which can foster deeper commitment and inspiration for one’s own practice both within the group, as well as when one is practicing at home.
The process of meditation is the facilitation of a natural potential of consciousness being able to settle into ever deeper more expansive and subtler dimensions of itself.
The purpose of enquiry and reflective practice is to hone our acuity in our ability to spot habitual patterns of thinking and feeling which, can subtly derail our practice. The essential underpinning of this course is the importance of loving kindness and compassion, which are the fundamental ingredients necessary for skilful practice.
The course tutor/facilitator is Anthony Harris whose own journey into mindfulness began 37 years ago.
Start date: Tue 6th March 2018 (every week for 32 weeks with a break throughout August)
End date: Tue 6th Nov 2018
Time: 6pm – 8pm each week (please note there are no sessions throughout August. Final session is scheduled for 21st November.
Retreat Days:
Two retreat days included in the course: Sunday 24th June and Sunday 11th November. 10am – 4pm each day.
We encourage all attendees to bring a vegetarian lunch suitable for sharing. If you have special dietary requirements, please remember to bring a suitable alternative.

Wheelchair Accessibility:

Mindfulness courses in Cardiff are taught on our ground floor where there is a wheelchair accessible toilet. Please contact us prior to your visit at or call 02920 228 040 should you need wheelchair access so we can prepare the ramp to the front door.

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