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Do you find yourself tired and edgy at the end of the working day? Are there times when the pressure and the strain and all the petty arguments are just too much to bear? Can you honestly say that you have never contemplated taking the day off, because even the thought of what awaits you gives you a headache?

If this sounds like you—and who doesn’t feel like this sometimes? – then you could benefit from a soothing, healing Indian Head Massage. It will relieve stress, giving you the strength to face whatever the day can bring.

A massage taken, for example, just before an important meeting will leave you feeling relaxed yet alert and able to produce your best work without feeling tense or tired. Indian Head Massage can give you the edge over the competition, but because you are functioning at a more efficient level, you can still go out in the evening and enjoy yourself and even look forward to the next day.

Sounds too good to be true? Why not give it a try? You could find a whole new way of dealing with the headaches of the 21st century!


15 minutes – £10

30 minutes – £20

45 minutes – £35

Duration: 15 minutes

Lorraine offers sessions at our centre in Cardiff. Her best availability is during officer hours but sessions can be schedule in the early evening, provided they do not clash with her course schedule. 

Lorraine has been trained by the famous Narenda Mehta who brought Indian Champissage to the UK many years ago. 

Once payment is received we will email you to schedule your first one to one session (alternatively you can email us at when you book to confirm what your availability is). 


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15 minutes – £10, 30 minutes – £20, 45 minutes – £35


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