Meditation Weekend – Mindful Togetherness with Alistair Appleton 9th & 10th March


Alistair is back for a Cardiff Meditation Weekend looking at relationships. 

At the end of each Winter, Alistair Appleton comes to Wales to teach a Cardiff meditation weekend. These popular courses look at how we can use meditation to impact our every day life. And this year Alistair is exploring relationships. 

Often Buddhist theory can focus on the solitary aspects of existence. This is a relic of meditation’s origins in solitary practice or monastic settings. But as a therapist and long-term practitioner, Alistair is interested in finding the therapeutic edge of our meditation practice. 

All relating starts in the heart

The Buddhist practices around the awakening heart – or ‘bodihicitta’ – directly address our relationship with the outside world. The heart is the embodied place where we connect outwards. And the array of emotions that come up when we connect with people is immense – hatred, love, obsession, irritation or apathy. 

Often these emotions can lead us to shut down or space out in our relationships. But Alistair’s Cardiff mediation course aims to bring  mindfulness to these invisible patterns which block real intimacy and connection. Trained by the celebrated Buddhist teacher Reggie Ray, Alistair works with the embodied experience of the heart, teaching us ways to open up to the vulnerable and tender space of being connected. 

What you can expect on a Mindsprings weekend course

  • We aim to provide a safe, friendly and tolerant space to explore the benefits of body-based meditation
  • There’s a good mix of teaching, experiential practice, and discussion. Talking helps make sure we’ve got it.
  • Some practices are done lying down, some sitting up. Weather permitting, we may work outside too. 
  • Alistair’s training as a therapist is always available for one-on-one support when things arise during practice
  • We start at 10am and finish at 5pm each day  – with an hour’s break for lunch and some tea/pee breaks
  • You’ll receive electronic notes and a recording of the teaching and guided meditation after the course. 
  • After the weekend, we will try and keep the group together online and with email updates

How to book and financial support

Mindsprings tries to offer good quality instruction at a reasonable cost. We offer a concessionary rate to anyone who is struggling financially, to students and to the unemployed. We never want to turn someone away because they can’t pay. However, the full-price tickets help subsidise these cheaper places, so we ask people to use their discernment when buying a concession. 

Please note: This course is run by Alistair Appleton who is a friend and supporter of our centre. Alistair visits each year and delivers a workshop over the weekend, as well as giving generously of his time to give a fundraising talk for the centre on the Friday evening. Bookings are made through his website (for both events this year). 


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