Mindfulness of Dream Sleep: For Stress or Trauma Affected Sleep Patterns with Charlie Morley

Samye Foundation Wales is delighted to welcome Charlie Morley to our dedicated Mindfulness centre on Friday 7th February 2020.  Charlie will talk about how we can transform the harmful effects that stress and trauma can have on our sleep.


Originally developed for British military veterans, Mindfulness of Dream & Sleep is a holistic approach for people with stress or trauma affected sleep patterns. In this talk we will  learn how to transform the harmful effects that stress and trauma can have on the third of our life that we spend asleep.


Using scientifically verified mindfulness-based techniques alongside breath and body-work practices the MODS Method helps to reduce stress before bed and optimise sleep quality.


Mindfulness of Dream & Sleep is based on an unconditionally compassionate approach to sleep and dreams and is made up of five core practices which the talk will explore in detail.


  1. Normalisation of Trauma Affected Sleep
  2. Hypnogogic Mindfulness (Yoga Nidra)
  3. De-stigmatising Nightmares
  4. Coherent Breathing (the Breath-Body-Mind approach)
  5. Lucid Dreaming


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