Online Mindfulness Foundation Workshop

£20.00 From: £10.00

£20.00 From: £10.00

This 2 hour online course will identify what mindfulness is as well as introduce the history of mindfulness and some mindfulness terminology. You will also learn about the neuroscientific evidence for mindfulness, as well as have opportunity to practise mindfulness exercises that you can apply at home or at work. We will look at what is triggering stress and anxiety and causing us not to be mindful.


“Really enjoyable. Great environment, interesting and helpful techniques to experience… and great opportunity to meet new people” (Course participant)


Tickets are available to purchase up to 24 hours before the event begins. Samye Foundation Wales uses Zoom which is very user friendly. Before the event you will be sent an email with the registration links to the event. Please follow the instructions in the email.