Online Mindfulness with the Emotions workshop



Learn how to handle unpleasant emotions in this Mindfulness with the Emotions workshop  


This brand new online workshop is based on a course written by Samye Foundation Wales Director Gelong Thubten (a Buddhist monk since 1993)   The workshop will explore the negative emotions and how we can help prevent ourselves from getting caught up in them. You will learn mindfulness techniques that can help you to handle unpleasant emotions as well as provide other benefits in your daily life. Emphasis will also be placed on altruism.  


The workshop is facilitated by tutor Lorraine Harris who is an experienced tutor of mindfulness. Lorraine is a member of the UK Mindfulness Teachers Network as well as a Lead Tutor for the Mindfulness Association. She has also trained with Rob Nairn.  


Tickets are available to purchase up to 24 hours before the event begins. Samye Foundation Wales uses Zoom which is very user friendly. Before the event you will be sent an email with the registration links to the event. Please follow the instructions in the email.