The Extraordinary Ordinary – Ken Holmes Workshop


What are we?

The Buddha helps us find the answer to this most puzzling of questions by introducing us to the naked reality of everyday life, before we project stuff onto it. These are the teachings on the five aggregates (skandha).

Then, the meditator is guided by the Buddha’s instructions to recognise the timeless, sacred purity at the core of each moment of each aggregate. That is how we discover the ultimate truth of the three kaya: the three levels of enlightened manifestation. It is like a sleeper awakening from a dream to discover he or she is actually human and not the rabbit of the dream.

Ken will present a simple overview of this journey and give some simple meditation instruction.

Ken Holmes will be visiting on Sat 3rd and Sun 4th November to run this workshop.

Time: 10am-4pm each day 

Lunch Arrangements

As these are full day courses, we encourage all attendees to bring a vegetarian lunch suitable for sharing. If you have special dietary requirements, please remember to bring a suitable lunch.

Lunch breaks will be in the Tibetan Tea Room and we will aim to have a volunteer on site to help out over lunch.

Wheelchair Accessibility: By default, this workshop will be held in the Shrine Room on the top floor. If you would like to attend but have any mobility issue which makes this impractical for you, please contact us to let us know. We will then move the workshop to the ground where there is a wheelchair accessible toilet. Please contact us prior to your visit at or call 02920 228 040 should you need wheelchair access so we can prepare the ramp to the front door.


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