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About me

Hello, my name is Rebecca and I have been working as a counsellor since 2012 with children, young people and adults.  My practice focuses on providing a safe space, conveying warmth, acceptance and understanding to help my clients achieve their aims. I would describe my approach as a mix of different counselling approaches, depending on what the client is bringing to the session and what they hope to achieve. Though I use elements of dialectic behaviour therapy (DBT), cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT), solution focused therapy and mindfulness, the foundation of my practice will always be based upon developing a warm, understanding and nurturing relationship with you. I truly believe that if we don’t have a comfortable and honest relationship to begin, we would not be able to achieve your goals for counselling.

Couples counselling

Having practised as an individual counsellor for a number of years, I became interested in working with couples after I realised so many adults coming to see me were talking about their relationships.  Whether it was following an affair, arguments within the family home, feeling insecure or that something just wasn’t right, the relationships were in difficulty. After attending a couples counselling course, I am required to complete an anonymous case study of how I have worked with relationships. This would not identify you at all, and will look at how I work with relationships generally.

How can couples counselling help us?

Couples counselling provides a safe place and the time to explore what has been happening in your relationship.  Sometimes it can be hard to speak with each other when feelings are hurt and emotions are on high alert. It is so easy to become defensive and not listen as we experience a surge of chemicals within the body, it may feel like your heart is racing, temperature is rising and we feel angry or threatened. In the counselling room, we would explore what triggers an argument, without reliving them. By having a place that is away from the home and encourages respectful and honest communication between you both, you may find more positive and honest ways of communicating your thoughts and feelings, develop a deeper connection and rediscover yourselves.

Should you have any questions about couples counselling and wish to have more information, I am more than happy to answer these for you.  I would like to make you aware that should you contact me, in the interest of fairness between you and the person you may be coming to sessions with, I respectfully request that you not share details of the difficulties you are experiencing during this initial contact. Working with couples requires that I remain impartial and treat each person equally. Should one individual share details with me before we are in the session, there is a chance that the other partner may feel excluded before we begin and this is not conducive to achieving mutually beneficial outcomes or goals.

Adult counselling

There are times when our journey in life can throw up so many obstacles and things that challenge our well being, that it can have a huge impact on how we function. Such issues can be long standing from childhood or come on suddenly at any point in life and can be disabling, preventing us from moving forward and we can become stuck in this moment, or repeating unhelpful patterns time and time again.  Whether you have experienced life events such as bereavement, loss of any kind like relationships, purpose or direction, redundancy, experience feelings of anger, anxiety, depression or isolation, we would work together to see what it is that you want and need to happen to make any changes in your life. Whether you are looking specifically for guidance how to make life changes, decide on a course of action or need to off load things that have been bottling up over time, I would tailor my practice to suit you and your needs.

Children and young people counselling

Challenges affecting children and young people can be wide ranging and include parental divorce and separation, bullying, anxiety, anger, changing relationships, stress from exams and moving schools, life changes from being a teenager to an adult and the associated expectations and responsibilities of this, loss, self harm and suicidal thoughts.  Going for talking therapy can be anxiety provoking and some young people can find it uncomfortable to be focused on. This is where a more creative approach to counselling is useful. By giving the young person the opportunity to express themselves using colours, clay and other means can help take away some of the intensity of talking. Whatever the issue, age and need, I would tailor my practice to suit the young person so they can take what they need from our time together.

My practice generally

Irrespective of age or whether you are looking for individual or couples counselling, I am offering you a space that is warm, compassionate, understanding and non judgemental.  This will form the foundation of any relationship I have with my clients. Beyond that, we would talk about what it is that you wish to gain from counselling and bring in elements of other approaches as needed. I feel that there is no one single counselling approach to suit all people and what is being brought into the therapeutic space. By having knowledge of a variety of approaches and theories helps to ensure that I can tailor my practice to best suit you and your needs.  Though I offer you impartial guidance and opportunities for self exploration and realisation, you are the expert on yourself and I hope to offer the opportunity for you to connect with the wisdom inside of you.  My practice always seeks to empower you, developing your own resilience and strength to achieve your goals.

How much are the sessions and how long are they?

Couples counselling - £30 per hour

Individual counselling - £40 per hour

What happens next?

Whether you are looking for counselling for yourself, someone else or couples counselling, if you feel I may be the counsellor for you, please feel free to call me with any questions.  I can explain more about how I work and what services I offer and send an information sheet that gives more details that you can read through in your own time.

Thank you for taking the time to read through my profile.


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